Posted by: tueig | June 24, 2007

A Sentimental Journey

Picture yourself arriving at the airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and being chauffeur driven downtown to Fairmont’s Palliser Hotel for a night’s stay in one of their finest rooms. Check in is a snap because it’s prearranged for your deluxe accommodations on the Palliser’s coveted “Gold Floor”. Relax and unwind as you await the dinner hour, which will feature a gourmet meal served in the Rimrock Dining Room. Upon awakening in the morning, your deluxe Continental breakfast will be served in the Gold Floor Lounge just prior to your leisurely stroll through the hotel passageways to arrive at the Pavilion, one of the most gorgeous settings for a train station that you’ve ever experienced. We won’t give away the fantastic manner in which you will be greeted and invited aboard this totally updated version of a 1920’s “magic carpet on rails” that personifies the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era. Suffice it to say, you’ve probably never seen a “golf cart” like this before.

This magnificent treasure of yesteryear will be your home for the next few days as you, and up to 31 of your family and or friends travel in style through the Canadian Rockies and play a different golf course each day. Each suite has it’s own bathroom facilities attached for total privacy while aboard. All meals are included as are beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Each night, the train will remain stationary on a siding so that sleep will be easier and no scenery will be missed. Each morning as the train moves to its next destination and golf course, breakfast will be served. Upon arrival, a coach will be waiting to transport you to the course, and will transport you back to the train upon completion of your round. The train will then continue on its way. In some areas, you could actually play another 18 holes at a different course if desired. This Experience could terminate back into Calgary aboard the train or you could say farewell to our “Iron Horse” and spend a couple of days playing courses further away from the rails utilizing private coaches that have been transformed into deluxe motor homes, and staying overnight at some of the finest and most majestic hotels in the world.

Since max capacity aboard the train is only 32 passengers, this would enable a group of family and/or friends to create a private charter Ultimate Experience of sightseeing, golf, culinary excellence and romance unparalleled anywhere in the world. On second thought, don’t just picture it…do it!

Posted by: tueig | June 13, 2007


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